94KX Text Club

Welcome to the 94KX Text Club! Here you’ll be able to sign up for our texting services that will provide you with information on news, weather & entertainment, station contests & events, “text coupons” and even chances to win station contests!

First, sign up using the form at the bottom of the page. You’ll need your cell phone number and an email address.

No!* We don’t charge anything for the service, but you might want to check with your cell phone provider to see what kind of text plan you have. *Message and data rates may apply.. Although we do not charge you for this service, your carrier may charge you for text messages that you send and receive. Please check with your provider for details.

Easy! First, sign up. Then, program our number into your phone. 94KX’s text number is 49330. Anything you want to send us, like song requests, contest entries, responses to a survey, anything, should be sent to 49330.

You can customize your account to receive as few or as many messages as you want. Sign up for:

  • School Delays
    • 94KX now has the capability to text you when your kid’s school is delayed, closed or dismisses early! After you’ve signed up for the 94KX Text Club here, visit this page for special information on how to make sure you’ll get the school information you need.
  • 94KX Contests and Special Events
    • 94KX will do “text only” contests so you to win cool prizes! Also, 94KX Text Club members will find out about our big events and giveaways before everyone else!
  • Breaking News Alerts
    • Local traffic tie-ups and breaking local & national news are just a few of the items you’ll get from the News category of the 94KX Text Club. Thanks to our sister station, the award winning Newsradio 1070 WKOK, you’ll receive WKOK News Alerts and find out what happened…first!
  • Entertainment News
    • Who’s hookin’ up and who’s breakin’ up? You’ll get all the juicy entertainment gossip when it happens and special notifications when concerts are announced in the 94KX listening area…before everyone else!
  • Severe Weather Alerts
    • 94KX will send you a text message when there is a severe weather alert in our listening area, so you can be ready for the storm.
  • Special Offers and Coupons from 94KX Partners
    • Imagine saving money without clipping a coupon! We’ll send “text coupons” that you can show local businesses for special discounts, and buy one get ones! These offers will be available exclusively to 94KX Text Club members!

Sign up for the 94KX Text Club

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  • Phone: 570-286-5838
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    • Request/Contest: 1-800-326-94KX
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