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Lets see.. The names Codi Jade. I was born and raised a redneck hippy in the beautiful countryside of Line Mountain. All my life I've been confused.. about what I wanted to be when I grow up, about which football player I wanted to date, and about what's more important, being the class valedictorian or the class clown. (I inevitably chose class clown.)

I played nearly every sport imaginable, including midget football with the boys and cheerleading with the girls. I raced four-wheelers, as is expected in my family, as my pappy owns an off-road race track. My parents own a fitness center, so my original goal in life was to become a bodybuilder. Then I picked up a guitar, and my new goal was to become a rock star. Then I saw some movie about the CIA, so I wanted to be a spy. I believe by homecoming my senior year they announced that I was going to write books like Steven King, make music like Janis Joplin, and become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.. (all the other homecoming candidates planned on going to nursing school..)

I ended up going to Susquehanna University (GO SU!). At first I was a creative writing major, but after attaining the Classic Rock Show on WQSU, I realized that radio was my holy grail. So I switched my major and became the Operations Manager for the station. I was a college cheerleader for a bit, but quit for the other love of my life; rugby. While doing the whole college thing, I became the morning show co-host for Y106.5, as well as the night time girl on B98.3. That was fun while it lasted. Then, after the rugby concussions wore off, and the diploma was in my hand, I moved to a cute little town, and started working at SBC, where I have way too much fun doing nights on 94KX and weekends on Eagle 107! : )

A few things I may have missed:

  • When I'm not on the radio, I am coaching cheerleading at Mifflinburg
  • I love playing and writing music for my folk band "The Codi and Joe Show"
  • I am the mother of one puppy, Woodstock (she's the cutest little Yorkichon!)
  • I teach Zumba at Heath's Body Shop
  • I played rugby for 9 seasons as #9 (that's the scrumhalf like the quarterback)
  • I love traveling, hiking, biking, ski-boarding, rollerblading, kayaking and riding motorcycle
  • I love my family
  • My favorite color is yellow... and lime green and orange?
  • The Volkswagen Bus is my dream car
  • I have seen Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, The Doobie Brothers, and The Backstreet Boys in concert hoping Neil Young or Eric Clapton is next
  • I love cult films! (anything with Monty Python or Bruce Campbell)
  • Terrell Owens is my favorite athlete
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday... until after Halloween, then it's Christmas : )

Thanks for getting to know me! ..Peace out.

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