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Lura Good

I was born and raised in Elysburg, home of everyone's favorite family amusement resort, Knoebels! I graduated from Southern Columbia and am a proud Tiger alumnus. I got my start in broadcasting at Southern reading the morning announcements on the "Tiger News Network". At 15 I basically wanted to be the next Katie Couric. After high school, I attended Bucknell University and received both my bachelor's and master's degrees from Bucknell while running track for the Bison ('Ray for the Orange and the Blue!'). After college, I moved around a bit, going from Washington D.C. to Syracuse, NY and then back again. After a couple years away, you learn that there really is no place like home.

I currently live in Mount Carmel with my hubby and our furry family; no kids yet but lots of animals! We basically own a small zoo: 2 dogs (Dexter and MacGyver), 3 cats (Tyrone, Penelope and Seymore), 2 ferrets (Severus and Dobby) and a very sassy beta fish named Dozer! I also have 2 horses (who are my big babies but they absolutely do not live right in Mount Carmel with us - I've tried, but for some reason the borough keeps saying no...

When I'm not on the radio I love to run, ski, ride, practice yoga, hike, cook, travel and spend time with my family and friends. I love being active! My favorite thing is exploring new places, seeing new things, and trying new foods (and wine! We can't forget about wine!). I'm also a member of my local Rotary club and have been an active member for 10 years. I'm a morning person (which everyone in my family hates except my dad) and love waking-up every day and doing something that is fun! Luckily, I get to spend my mornings on-air, talking about current events, pop-culture, music and interacting with listeners. I'm so thankful to be on 94KX. Thanks for listening!

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