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As the John Mellencamp 80s classic "Small Town" goes, I was born here and I'll die here.

While stuck at home with the flu in 1979, the day Three Mile Island was in the news, I was glued to the radio and knew from that day on, this was my calling.

My first radio gig started in June 1983, babysitting the equipment on Sunday mornings, running religious shows at my hometown station, WBPZ-AM in Lock Haven, Pa. I was captain of the "God Squad!" Actually, my grandfather was a founding trustee of the former Lock Haven Broadcasting Corporation back in the 1940s so I guess getting into radio was bound to happen sooner or later. The FM station in Lock Haven stopped playing country music in 1986 and that was my first shot playing rock and roll on the radio

. In 1990, I turned into a vampire for a few years doing the overnight shift in Williamsport. Eventually, I saw the light, literally, and moved up afternoons.

I showed up at Sunbury Broadcasting's front door in May 1995 and first appeared on 94KX in June 1996. Times change...people come and go (went to do some newspaper advertising in 2003 for a while.....too much ink....that's another story for another time). Now, over a decade later, I'm back on 94KX to take you home from work and kick off your evenings with "The Best Songs On The Radio."

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