Local Nonprofits collaborate to create a family-friendly Nature Series

posted: March 29, 2021

The Union County Historical Society (UCHS), in collaboration with the Merrill W. Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy, Bucknell University (BU), and the Lewisburg Children’s Museum (LCM) are pleased to present Nature’s Explorers. This collaborative program series will be available on Saturday afternoons starting in April.

The program invites participants to discover the curiosities of nature at Dale’s Ridge and the areas surrounding Lewisburg. Each session will introduce a new way of seeing and being in the natural world- from art and poetry to birds and bugs. Professors from Bucknell University will give children and their families a chance to ask questions, test equipment, make art, and be together in safe ways outdoors.

“This is such a wonderful opportunity to be outside and see nature in springtime, and to see what might be a familiar place – Dale’s Ridge – through a kaleidoscope of human and natural history,” says Claire Campbell, program organizer and BU professor. “It’s an invitation to explore different curiosities and interests, even as we realize that we need all of these perspectives to really understand our place in the natural world.”

Upcoming Nature’s Explorers programs include: Creative Writing on April 10; Biology &
Farming on April 24; Birds on May 8; Insects on May 15; Art and Drawing on May 22; Plants are Cool on June 5; and Into the Water on June 19.

“The Merrill Linn Conservancy is excited to join the Lewisburg Children’s Museum and other community organizations in connecting youth with nature and teaching them about conservation issues critical to the health of our environment,” adds Jeff Trop, President, Merrill Linn Conservancy. “Children remind us that being curious and adventuresome in nature is both healthy and gratifying.”

Most activities will be outside along the Dale’s Ridge Trail, and participants are required to wear a mask and adhere to COVID-19 safety procedures.

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