Wednesday at the Wash

posted: May 1, 2018

You could win a $20 gift certificate to Ultimate Express Car Wash on RTs 11&15 across from Monroe Marketplace!
How Do I Win?

94KX Text Club members should text the word WASH to us at 49330. Every Wednesday, Tom and Lura will pick one texter at random at around 8:55 AM and hook them up with a $20 gift card to Ultimate Express Car Wash!

Once you text WASH to 49330, you’ll receive a new code every Wednesday automatically! You’ll also be in the running for the gift card each week as well!

Just use the 4-digit code we send you for $2.00 off your next wash at the Ultimate Express Car Wash! To use the code, look for the button “Radio Promo” on the Ultimate Express kiosk screen. Press “Radio Promo” and then enter your 4-digit code.

  • If you’re not a member of the 94KX Text Club, SIGN UP here


    Make sure you click on “Radio Promo”

Don’t forget, the $2.00 coupon code changes every Wednesday so make sure you always have the most recent code!


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