A Woman Spanks Her Stepson With a Belt for Missing Curfew . . . He’s 26

posted: May 29, 2019

I guess if you’re going to be an adult living with your parents, you can’t be SHOCKED when they expect you to follow their rules like a kid.

There’s a woman named Valerie Branch-Galloway in Largo, Florida.  And her stepson got home a half hour after curfew on Sunday night.  So . . . she grabbed her belt to give him a spanking.

The only thing is . . . her stepson is 26 years old.

She whipped him 11 times across his butt before he told her to stop.  She said no, you were 30 minutes late so you get 30, quote, “licks” . . . and that meant there were 19 to go.

He wound up calling the cops . . . and Valerie was arrested for domestic battery.

(The Smoking Gun

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