Alex from Target a HOAX??

posted: November 5, 2014

Move over Jack from State Farm there is a new khaki wearing kid in town and his name is Alex. Alex from Target.

A couple of days ago a girl tweeted this photo of  a Target employee. Who, according to teen girls across the country, is ‘super cute’. The photo has gone viral and Alex from Target now has more than half a million twitter followers!!


But, that is not the end of the story, there is now a company coming forward claiming it was a marketing stunt!! What?? We’ve been had? Well…it’s unclear.

The company is Breakr and it helps promote bands and YouTube celebrities, and wanted they to show they could get teenage girls to fall in love with ANY random dude. So they saw the tweet and ran with it, turning Alex from Target into a viral sensation. Just to, ya know, show they could. Whether or not Target was actually involved in unclear. Alex from Target  (@acl163) also denies any involvement.  #alexfromtargetscandal




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