Could You Go A Year Without Buying Anything?

posted: September 28, 2015

I came home from TJ Maxx last week with not one but two new pairs of boots.  I love boots, I have about a dozen pairs already. They are all different of course, shades of black, grey, and brown, different heights, different heels. I can’t imagine an outfit that I wouldn’t have a pair of boots to go with.

Why did I buy 2 new pairs? WHY? I mean they are cute, great price, and technically I didn’t have THAT shade of brown.  But I certainly didn’t NEED them, it will be 20 years before I actually NEED a new pair of boots. Why do we buy stuff we don’t need?

One family challenged themselves to not buy anything for a year. Only food, hygiene items, and family “experiences” were allowed.

Could you do it? Click here to read more.

I returned the boots. (both pairs)

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