Does birth order shape who you are?

posted: April 10, 2015

It is national sibling day!

If you have siblings, older or younger–here is how they affect who you are!

I’m talking birth order. Are you the oldest? Youngest? In the middle? How do these descriptions match up?

Firstborns command more attention and approval from peers and colleagues and are more in tune with their surroundings.
They are driven and motivated, confident, organized, and strive for greatness.

Middle children are often caught between the wiser, more experienced older child and the coddled, energetic youngest child. They aren’t going to argue or compete with the older or younger sibling, they will adapt to any situation and try to mediate and act as a peacemaker during rocky situations.

The last-born sibling — also known as the “baby” of the family — enters into the familial hierarchy at the bottom of the pyramid, but is typically the most spoiled of all the siblings. They are typically more demanding and impatient when things don’t go their way.

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