HS Yearbook With Best Tattoos Page! WHAT??

posted: February 6, 2015

Remember when High School year books contained photos of classmates ‘most likely to succeed’ and those with the ‘best smile’? Well now, in 2015, they contain photos of ‘best tattoos’.

What? I thought you had to be 18 to get a tattoo? Are there really parents letting their kids get tats before they graduate high school? Thank goodness mine didn’t, or I would permanently be sporting a tiger paw and a smiley face–both very popular when I was in HS.
Go Tigers 🙂

This is not a post about not getting a tattoo, I have 3 and will get more. This is a post about not getting inked before you can buy a lottery ticket.
To make this worse, these tattoos are terrible quality and not very creative.


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