If Your Child Steals, Do You Make Him Return And Pay?

posted: January 16, 2015

A woman is driving home from the store and sees her son playing with a new small toy in the backseat.  She soon learns he took it, from a store, he stole it.  His defense, he says “it was only $1.50.”

What would YOU do in this situation? You are already halfway home, there are other kids in the car, it was ONLY $1.50.

This woman returns to the store a few hours later, with her son, and $2 from his piggy bank. (By this time the item is already broken, can’t return it) She has him go to the counter, explain the situation to the cashier, and pay for the item.

Did the punishment fit the crime? Is this publicly shaming your kid? As I am sure this was tough on the son, I am guessing it was harder for the mom.

Psychologists say she made the right decision. Saying, “Many children steal—they’re not born knowing the rules so it’s our job to teach them and it’s not by smacking their hand every time they break the rule — it’s by lovingly setting limits.”

So the question remains: What would you do?

Read the full story here


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