Is there $5000 Worth of Stuff in your Purse?

posted: June 4, 2015

The average woman is carrying around $5000 worth of stuff in their purse. I say, no way!

People rarely carry cash anymore, so there is no actual money. Its our gadgets and the bag itself that really add up. Between your phone, an iPad or Kindle, sunglasses, makeup, and the purse itself, things really add up!

But $5000—I don’t think so…to prove it, here is the value of my purse.


Samsung Galaxy S4: It looks like I can buy one online for $220
OtterBox Case: $39.95
Wallet: $35
Wallet Contents: $0 and 3 cards that I would cancel.
Mint Tums: $2.50
Jetta Key: $37 before dealer cutting and programming (+$100?)
Headphones: Came with my phone $0
$.50 Coupon from Weis: $.50
An old mint from Carmines: $0
A receipt for the bike my mom wanted for mothers day: $0 (I’m pretty sure she will never ride it, so I’m going to hang on to that a bit longer)
The Purse: $20
Grand Total Lost Should Someone Steal My Purse: $459.91

This is still a lot of money, more than I thought..but nowhere close to $5000. Even if you add in an Ipad, some cash, and a decent handbag. Maybe $1500.


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