Kiddos Can’t Make It To Midnight?? No Problem!

posted: December 31, 2014

Who doesn’t want to stay up to ring in the new year? Even the kiddos get psyched for midnight on December 31st. There is something about the countdown, yelling happy new year, flipping the calendar, its all so exciting! (why exactly, is a conversation for another day, to be honest 10:30pm is more of a reasonable bed time for me)

Enter a win/win from Netflix. They have created an countdown to 2015 hosted by King Julien, he is an animated lemur from the series “All Hail King Julien.” You can show the countdown anytime you are ready for the kids to head to bed! GENIUS!

Once the kids are getting sleepy and cranky and just can’t keep their eyes open anymore, turn on the countdown and BAM, it’s 2015.

Happy New Year!

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