No Raise This Year? 5 Other Perks To Ask For

posted: December 3, 2014

According to researchers, workers shouldn’t expect much of a pay raise in 2015.

But according to Lynne Eisaguirre, (employment law expert and author of “We Need to Talk: Tough Conversations With Your Boss.”) there are other work perks you can ask for.This is assuming your boss values you as an employee. (ouch!)

1. Tuition Reimbursement: if you are taking classes that will help improve your skills and, in turn, improve your work, ask if the boss will pick up part of the bill.

2. A More flexible Work Schedule: if you are constantly rushing out the door to get the kids from school, maybe coming in an hour earlier is the solution.

3.  A Better Job Title: have about a dozen new responsibilities been added to your plate since you started at your job a couple of years ago? Maybe its time to get a shiny new title! While this may not add up to any more $$ this year, it could next time!

4.  Update Tools and Gadgets: few things are worse than being underpaid, except maybe working with equipment that makes your life miserable. Would a new computer, tablet, or phone make your work life 100% better? Couldn’t hurt to ask.

5.  Extra Vacation Days: maybe there won’t be more cash in your check each week, but an extra day or 2 of relaxation can really pay off!

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