Only 55% of Americans Know the Real Meaning of Memorial Day

posted: May 24, 2019

Here’s an important reminder:  There’s more to Memorial Day than cookouts and mattresses.

A new survey asked Americans what Memorial Day is actually about.  And even though the answer is RIGHT THERE in the name of the holiday . . . lots of people blew it.

Only 55% got it right . . . it’s a holiday honoring Americans who died while serving.

27% thought it was a day honoring all military veterans, both living and dead.  And the rest gave other answers for what Memorial Day is really about, or didn’t know.

The survey also found 21% of people are planning to fly a flag at half-staff on Memorial Day . . . 20% will go to a parade or other event . . . and 18% will visit the grave of someone who died while they were serving in the military.

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