Should Party No-Shows Have To Pay?

posted: January 20, 2015

Anyone who has ever planned a party knows how annoying no-shows can be. We get it, you are busy, things come up, kids get sick, but what is the true COST of a no-show? A couple bucks for a few extra pizza slices?–Maybe. But not in this case, in this case its $24.  There is a woman in the UK who has billed the parents of a kid who was a no show at her kid’s birthday party. The party was at a ski resort so the kids went snow tubing and had lunch, which apparently added up to $24 a kid. 

The ‘party throwing’ mom put an invoice in the backpack of the no-show kid while at school.  The parents say they are not going to pay and the ‘party throwing’ mom has threaten legal action. This is a true story–Click Here. 

This is quite an extreme case, however the principle is valid. RSVPing and then not attending an event is not only inconsiderate but can be costly–especially for weddings. However I can never imagine a scenario where a host can defend billing a guest. When you invite someone to a party/wedding/event it is at your own risk. If you find your friends often flake at the last minute—you should probably find new friends, or stop having parties.

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