Side Does Matter In Bed

posted: March 4, 2015

See what I did there.

Almost 50% of people say that when they first got together as a couple, both partners preferred the same side of the bed. Is this a relationship deal breaker? 20% say it could be. Preferring the same side of the bed is just as likely to be a relationship deal-breaker as following different sports teams. (Both seem silly to be me)

So which side is it? Closest to the door, window, bathroom? Nope, closest to the outlet. It IS 2015 people!

March 2-8th is sleep awareness week. So a mattress company did a survey to determine all of the info above and they also discovered: more men prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed than women, 40% percent of adults have always slept on the same side of the bed, and 75% feel being close to an outlet would determine the side of the bed they choose.

Click here for full story.

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