Things We Used To Do That Are Now Illegal!

posted: February 23, 2015

Sign of the times!

I am only 32, sure some people call that old, (freakin’ teenagers) but I know I’m still a pup all things considered. But even when I was growing up, things were simpler. When my parents were growing up, even more so.

Here is a list of things, that just that a few years ago (ok 30 years ago), no one thought twice about. But now, they are illegal or very much frowned upon.  Times they are a changin!

Yes, some are changes for the better. Drinking and driving, smoking, and no seatbelts, all have potentially deadly consequences.  But where do we draw the line? Sledding bans, and neighbors calling the police when you leave your 12 year old home alone?  What kind of world is this?

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