What if you Invested Instead of Having that HUGE Wedding??

posted: May 28, 2015

lots of married couples, at one point or another, think back to that wonderful day they said “I Do,” and ask themselves did we really need that ice sculpture?

I’m talking money people. Yes, your wedding was most likely wonderful…great day, great memories, wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe all of your splurges! All the fancy stationary you used to print your invitations…that people quickly tossed in the trash. All of the exotic flowers, that died. All of the favors, that people left behind. Sorry brides-to-be..this is the cold hard truth. (free advice–splurge on the honeymoon–get the cheap champagne)

It gets worse, there is now a calculator that tells you how much money you would have today, if you would have invested the wedding budget.

Click here if you dare, its kind of sad


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