What was your first summer job?!

posted: July 12, 2019

A recent survey found that the best way to keep your kids busy this summer once they’re out of school is to have them find odd jobs to do in the neighborhood, like mowing lawns, pet sitting or volunteer.

Seeing as it’s Flashback Friday – we want to know, what was your first summer job? Tom’s was unloading trucks at a warehouse by hand! Movie Mike’s was at Rea & Derick at the Susquehanna Valley Mall. Lura’s was working at the Fudge Shop at Knoebels!

If you’ve got a bored teen at home, here are the best jobs for teens to get them off the couch, out of your house and out of your hair:

  • Tutor.
  • Golf Caddy.
  • Youth Sports Referee.
  • Mowing Lawns.
  • Construction Worker.
  • Babysitter.
  • Lifeguard.

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