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Kyle Alexander

They say that things come full circle. After the past 24 years, I certainly have to agree.

It started as me being a young Cub Scout taking a tour of a radio station....which was ironically 94KX. That's when I got bitten by the proverbial 'Radio Bug.'

Fast forward to a 16 year old Kyle, and I began my first job in radio at a radio station pushing buttons during racing and football events, running live broadcasts, doing a couple air shifts, shooting some videos, hanging up pictures, changing batteries in the smoke detectors, changing the lightbulbs on the tower (Not quite, but pretty much everything else...I did!) Out of High School I was offered a full time job and went from Nights, to the Afternoon Shift, to co-hosting The Morning Show.

Fast forward AGAIN to year 24, and here I am. Middays on 94KX. It's a huge honor to be part of a radio station and staff that are so supportive of the local community. The community where I was "born and raised!"

When I'm not on the radio you can find me DJ'ing weddings and parties, doing a little fishing, and basically just enjoying all of the great things Central PA has to offer. But mostly, you can usually find me at the radio station.

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