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I'm a graduate of Selinsgrove High School, and I wrote my very first movie review for the school newspaper in 1985. After performing similar duties for my college paper, I got my first paying gig in 1989, as the film critic for The Selinsgrove Times-Tribune (now known as The Snyder County Times). In 1995, I moved to the internet, starting my website,, where my full-length reviews of new movies can still be found every week. I was brought onto the stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation in 1997, and I've been talking film here ever since. Additionally, I was a contributing film critic on Current TV's now-defunct movie review program, "The Rotten Tomatoes Show." In 2011, my first book was published. "Straight-Up Blatant: Musings From The Aisle Seat" is a collection of film-related essays, and is available on Not surprisingly, you can usually find me at one of the local movie theaters. To answer the question I am most asked, my favorite movie is "Star Wars."

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