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We were talking a while back about how many jobs we've held through the years. One guess was somewhere in the teens, and was shocked to hear my list was much shorter. For those of you who are curious, here's the list (*paid jobs only)

  • Summers 1983-1986
    Naval Air Developement Center, US Navy, Warminster PA. I was a clerk/typist, basically a jack-of-all-trades, do-whatever-they-need kind of job. I did anything from entering new data into the base's computer (new in those days), to making dog tags for the dogs that lived in the base housing (where I worked in the office).
  • WSBG/WVPO in Stroudsburg, PA. My first paid radio gig, I was part-time in the news department and did various fill in shifts on both stations in the building. I also was the overnight guy for about six months. Hated that Midnight to 5:30 shift, I had to sleep while most people were awake and vice-versa.
  • WDNH/WWCC in Honesdale, PA
    Full time finally! I was Program Director for a time, and Music Director as well and did practically every shift!
  • WKOK/WQKX then WEGH and then WMLP/WVLY.
    The first two stations were here when I arrived in 1992, then we added the others in the past 7 or 8 years to the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporate family! Let's see, how many jobs do I have here? I'm the Program Director and Music Director for Eagle 107 and I do the Morning Show there. I'm the MD for 94KX and help out with the morning show. I'm the morning sports anchor on WKOK, and I'm also now the Music Director for WVLY. Wow, am I busy!
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