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Tom Morgan

Santa Claus brought me a microphone, tape recorder, and headphones when I was four years old and that's where it all started. Getting my first radio job in Wilkes-Barre at age 17, I managed to work my way through college and move to Central Pennsylvania shortly after graduation in in January of 1982.

Calling Sunbury Broadcasting my home, as an honorary Pineknotter, and raising three beautiful daughters, it was great watching them grow, coaching them soccer, and seeing them move on.

Retired from coaching, you can still find me at Soccer games, watching my daughters play College ball, or you'll see me in Pinstripes refereeing area youth games.

When not on the soccer pitch, I love to play in my home recording studio, re-mixing music and doing voice work locally and across the country.

My other passion is cooking. This Coal Region Boy truly believes life happens in the kitchen. I love to create dishes and watch people enjoy them. Life is too short for bad food & drink.

It is great to be back at Sunbury Broadcasting, where, as the Badlees would sing, "Back Where It All Stated.. Naa Naa Naa Naa Naa Naa Naa!"

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