Fastest Dad in the Valley

posted: June 2, 2015

94KX and Stock Car Racing Experience are looking for the Fastest Dad in the Valley!

Is your dad a lead-foot? Do you often see him pushing the limits of speed in his minivan or station wagon? Well, 94KX and Stock Car Racing Experience want your dad to drive as fast as he wants – legally – in a real 600 horsepower stock car! That’s right – your dad will get to DRIVE a real stock car, just like the pros, at Pocono Raceway on their 2 point 5 mile track.

Just listen to Drew & the Crew in the Morning for your dad to call in and show his speed! Speed Speaking, that is…

Yep, your dad will have to TALK fast to DRIVE fast. The fastest dad each morning will win the qualifying prize: A weekday ride – along package where you’ll get the feel the g’s. All our qualifiers are in the running for our grand prize: A 20 mile stock car driving experience on the 2.5 mile Super Speedway at Pocono.

We’ll see you in Victory Lane – with Stock Car Racing Experience – and the station that’s not tailgating – we’re “drafting” – 94KX.

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