Foss Jewelers Mother’s Day Confessions

posted: April 23, 2017

Win a $500 gift card to Foss Jewelers in Selinsgrove!

Is there something you have never told your mom, but are ready to come clean? We can help! Kind of…You don’t even have to tell your mom, just tell US to win a $500 gift card to Foss Jewelers in Selinsgrove!

Was it YOU who broke that lamp all those years ago? Put a dent in Dad’s car? Smashed the window and blamed your little brother? Look, we won’t judge. In fact, we’re gonna reward ya!

Email us your confessions now! If we read yours on the air, you’ll win a Chamilia bracelet with charm from Foss Jewelers! Keep it for yourself or give it to mom (it’s the least you can do)!  All of our daily winners will be in the running for a $500 Gift Card to Foss Jewelers in Selinsgrove!

Send emails to Email should include your confession, name, town, and phone number as well as mom’s first name. Please put Mother’s Day in the subject line. Emails accepted until Thursday 5/11 at 12noon.

Monday’s Confession—GRAND PRIZE WINNER
From Jessica in Milton:
Mom it was me that took the car when you were at work and I was suppose to be babysitting my little sister and I was only 15 years old with no drivers license. I did take my sister with me though, I did not leave her home alone. Instead I made her lay on the back floor of the car and told her not to say a word or else. Please don’t be mad, we are safe and nobody got hurt. Although I did not know that you had to pump the breaks to stop in those older cars and I almost did
rear end someone. Luckily the light changed to green just in time. See no worries. It was a great self learning experience. I love you Mom. Happy Mothers Day! You wanna go for lunch I might have some more stories to tell you.

Tuesday’s Confession
From Sara in Selinsgrove:
As a child, my mother did the responsible parenting thing and attempted to make sure we ate a balanced meal that included vegetables. They were the worst. Being that responsible mom, she also wouldn’t let me leave the table without finishing ALL of my food. I acquired the nickname Chipmunk cheeks, because I would shove all of those disgusting veggies in my mouth at the end of the meal, and sit there, for what seemed like forever, attempting to chew and swallow. However; my mom’s biggest mistake was that eventually she would leave the table to accomplish other household tasks. When she would finally be distracted, I would sneak my chipmunk cheeks to the bathroom, spit the veggies into the toilet, and flush. I did this for YEARS! My mom had no clue and still has none! #SorryNotSorry #Don’tBoilAllYourVeggiesItsGross #ChipmunkStrikesBack #StillHaveThatDamnNicknameAndIam32

Wednesday’s Confession
From Louise
Hello, I’d like to confess one of my indiscretions to my Mom….Well Mom remember that time when I gathered up my sleeping bag and some extra clothes said I was walking to Well we’ll just call her Jane Doe’s house for a sleep out??? Remember how sweet you were you kept insisting on giving me a ride, and I kept saying I can walk It’s just up the hill and out the road a bit. Finally you just grabbed your keys and said come on I’ll drop you off I have to run for milk anyway. So away went out the road to Jane Doe’s house…..just as you were pulling in Jane Doe was leaving with her boyfriend…Yikes what timing!
I quickly jumped out and talked to Jane Doe and motioned you to leave……Well the truth is Jane Doe was telling her Mom she was spending the night at a sleepover at our house and lets say John Doe the older boy whom you never trusted was picking me up at Jane Doe’s house. John Doe even passed you on your way to pick up milk and was in panic mode when he got to Jane Doe’s house, so I quickly jumped in his car and away we went searching for a place we wouldn’t be found we ended up sleeping on the hood of a car in the mountains. Sorry for telling fibs and you were right John Doe was a bad influence. Love you!

Thursday’s Confession
From Taylor in Sunbury
when I was younger , my mom and step dad had a weekend trip away planned together , but didn’t trust my half sister and I to stay at the house together alone, afraid we were going to get ourselves into trouble. She was suppose to stay with her mom and myself with my dad, well a few days before they left for their trip, my sister and I unlocked one of the windows , when they were finally gone , my sister told her mom she was staying at my dad’s & I told my dad I was staying at her mom’s, we went to my mom’s and jumped through the window we previously unlocked and later that night threw a HUGE party with all of our friends, the house was trashed.  The next day, we spent the entire day cleaning up throw up, and picking up trash. Even now that we are much older , my sister and i still laugh about our wild weekend and how we got away with it and our friends still talk about that being one of the best parties .

Friday’s Confession
From Becky from Mount Carmel
When I was 16 I wanted to go to the Jersey shore with a few of my friends. My mom wouldn’t stand for it, she was the strict one. So about a week after she said no, I told her we were going camping for the week about 30 minutes from home and she agreed to let me go as long as I called in routinely to check in. The week was going great until I called to check in and my dad answered. He asked how my week was going, then asked if I liked the beach and ocean, my reply…”I love it!!!” oops. His next words.” Be safe coming home, don’t tell your mom!” And I never did.

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